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January - April

Registration Begins December 1

May - August

Registration Begins April 1

September - December

Registration Begins August 1

Residents and Non Residents

Residents are those people who reside in the cities of Rochester and Rochester Hills. As part of their property taxes they pay a small contribution to support RARA. Residents of surrounding areas such as Oakland and Washington Townships who go to Rochester Schools are not considered Residents; they pay school taxes but not RARA taxes. Non-residents can participate in RARA activities; there is a small non-resident fee.

Fees listed in the brochure or on the website are for the residents of Rochester and Rochester Hills. Non-residents add $20.00 per child and $28.00 per adult per activity. Special Events are exempt from the non-resident fee.

Forms of Payments

RARA accepts cash, checks, Amex, Visa, Master Card or Discover as forms of payment for all programs, unless stated during registration. 


All classes and activities cancelled by RARA will be refunded in full. Participants requesting refunds before the first class will be charged a minimum of 2.5% or $5.00 administrative fee.  Participants requesting a refund after the first class but before the second class will be charged 25% of the class fee.
Our summer camps have additional refund guidelines. Please see those under the summer camp information.

RARA Board Meetings

The RARA Board is a policy making board comprised of 7 members.  They provide input on leisure time activities, policies, budgetary concerns, and recreational needs of the communities. The board meets primarily on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm at the RARA Offices. Citizens are welcome.

RARA Board Members

RARA Board Members


Dan Hauser - City of Rochester Hills

Vice Chair

Ann Peterson - City of Rochester


Peggy McConnell - Avondale Community Schools

Board Members

Matthew McDaniel - Rochester Community Schools

Jonathan Muenk - City of Rochester Hills

Debbie Jones - City of Rochester

Ryan Deel - City of Rochester Hills

RARA Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor for RARA? Contact us today and see how you can become a sponsor! Email us at Info@RARARecreation.org