Specialty Camps


General Specialty Camp Information:

Thank you for attending our Day Camps 2022! We hope to see you back in Summer of 2023!


Day Camp 2023 Registration will open Saturday, April 1, 2023!!


Last Summer's Information for Reference:

RARA Day Camps 2022 Dates:

June 20 to August 12, 2022 (There is no camp on Monday, July 4 and Tuesday, July 5.)

Camp RARA 1 Lion Shelter Ages 5-8 and Camp RARA 2 Bloomer Park Ages 9-12 will be the only two camps running August 15-19, 2022

Campers need to be dropped off at the Stone Shelter at Bloomer Park. The Stone Shelter is the shelter with large stones on the left of the parking lot as you drive in. All activities will adhere to CDC and ACA Guidelines. 

Special guests/field trips have been added to our camp schedule as well as trips to Spencer Park! At Spencer Park, activities include swimming at a guarded beach, picnic area, play structure, and sports fields.

Click Here for Specialty Field Trips

Campers need to bring a non-perishable lunch with their name on it, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, a facial covering (for bus; might change before camp starts), and water bottle. A camp t-shirt is given out during the week of camp. A detailed schedule will be given to parents on the Monday morning of camp.

Med Forms and Behavior Promise Forms need to be turned in the Wednesday before camp starts. You may drop the forms off at the RARA 500 Building or email them to makayla@rararecreation.org. Forms can be found under Youth Recreation; Day Camps or you can get one at the RARA 500 Building Office. Your child will not be allowed to attend camp without a Med Form present.

We are asking only one parent drop off/pick up their child at camp.

Ages: Varies From 6-13 years old             Price: $190 Res.   $210 Non-Res.

Camp is from 9:00am to 4:00pm.              Location: Stone Shelter at Bloomer Park

NOTE: Latchkey (unstructured, camp staff supervised, optional before/after camp care) is available for Specialty Camp. Our Latchkey format this year is a weekly flat fee per camp you register for. Latchkey's flat fee depends on how many days the camp is that week. You will need to purchase Latchkey for each camper attending Latchkey. There is a 15 minute grace period for camp without needing to purchase Latchkey so you have 15 minutes before camp and 15 minutes after camp to drop off and pick up your children.

               -Latchkey Hours:   Specialty Camp: 7am-9am   4pm-5:30pm   Latchkey Location: Same location as your camp

              -HOW TO SIGN UP FOR LATCHKEY: When registering your campers for camp, a question will pop up asking you if you would like to use Latchkey for that specific week. You will want to hit yes if you will use any of the Latchkey hours. You will want to hit no if you will be dropping your camper off at 9am and picking your camper up at 4pm (Camp Blue Jay would be 10am drop off and 3pm pick up). If you originally sign your camper up and hit the no option, but later want to use our Latchkey service, there is a Latchkey course you can go to in order to sign your camper up.

               -Camp Staff do not have the ability to take payment for Latchkey onsite so you will need to register for Latchkey before camp or online with a credit card while you are onsite. If you register onsite with a credit card, you must show our Camp Staff your receipt for the week in order for your camper to use Latchkey.

Specialty Camp Week Themes:

Adventureland Camp June 20-24: This camp brings out the adventure in your camper. They will spend the week going on adventures, exploring new worlds, making creative craft projects, doing imaginative activities, and more. We will have something for everyone. Be prepared to explore and have lots of fun! Ages: 6-11 Click Here to register!

Amazing Race Camp June 27-July 1: Partner up with a camp friend or two and try to be the winning team. The week will be composed of different games, obstacles, and road blocks. Be ready to run, think, and get dirty! For those kids that love a challenge. Ages: 8-13 Click Here to register!

Superhero Camp July 6-8: Have you ever wished that you could be a superhero or do superhero activities? Now's your chance! Join us for our Superhero Camp and you can live your dream! Superhero campers will have the opportunity to do a variety of crafts, games, challenges, field trips, trips to Spencer Park, and more all revolving around being and becoming a superhero! Ages: 6-12

No Camp on Monday, July 4 or Tuesday, July 5 Price: $145 Res.  $165 Non-Res.  Click Here to register!

Creation Station Camp July 11-15: This camp brings out the creativity in your camper. They will spend the week creating tons of different craft projects/games. We will have something for everyone. Be prepared to get messy, have a creative unique special guest/field trip, and have lots of fun! We will also go to Spencer Park! Ages: 6-10 Click Here to register!

Climbing Adventure Camp July 19-22: Climbing Adventure Camp is a Tuesday through Friday camp where campers will spend all 4 days at Tree Runner Rochester Adventure Park. This camp is designed and curated to empower children to become confident adventurers by building friendships, strength, and overcoming challenges, in an outdoor environment. Whether already a seasoned climber, or a first-timer, campers will be placed in small groups to conquer the week and create lifelong friendships that last long after the session is over. Each adventurer will test themselves daily through aerial obstacles and challenges to push themselves to higher levels and limits they never thought they could reach. Campers need to be dropped off at Bloomer Park at the Stone Shelter. Please complete the Tree Runner Waiver: https://pos.treerunnerparks.com/treerunnerrochester/event/join/98563-5E50 

Camp is Tuesday through Friday ONLY.  Ages: 8-13 Click Here to register! 

Into the Wild Camp July 25-29: Campers will spend the week learning about different animals. We will travel around to different locations to see demonstrations and learn new things about our furry friends! Be prepared to see everything from lions and tigers and bears at the zoo to insects in the pond! Activities include crafts, games, field trips, and trips to Spencer Park. Ages: 6-12 Click Here to register!

Intro to STEM Camp August 1-5: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Each day, campers will work on popular projects that will peak your child’s interest and curiosity with hands on activities. Participation and fun are part of the program, designed as step one in your child’s road to the future of STEM. Field trips and trips to Spencer Park are included.  Ages: 8-13 Click Here to register!

Mission Possible Camp August 8-12: Campers, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have FUN! This week will be filled with exciting challenges, games, special missions, secret field trips, and surprise activities. Ages: 7-11 Click Here to register!

Camp RARA 1 Lion Shelter Ages 5-8 and Camp RARA 2 Bloomer Park Ages 9-12 August 15-19: Find information on Camp RARA on our Standard Camps Page. Click Here

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