Party Rentals

Come celebrate here at RARA! We have a great facility and we want to be able to share it with you and your guests. Tell us the dates and options that you are you are interested in and we will check for party host and facility availability. Parties are rented in 2 or 3 hours options. Bring in your own decorations and refreshments. You will receive the facility area you choose and a party space where you can serve food and open presents. You will be assigned a party host to assist you with decoration, assist throughout your rental.

Contact our party planner at 248-601-4041 or via email at and begin making your party plan today, please leave a call back phone number.

Location: RARA 500 E. 2nd St.

You may choose one of these options:

· Field House North or South + Designated Party Area**

· Dance Studio + Designated Party Area

· Playscape + Designated Party Area

· Court + Designated Party Area

· Rink + Designated Party Area


· Designated Party Host to assist you throughout your party

· Assistance with set up and clean up.

Fees: $200 for a 2-hour party option

          $300 for a 3-hour party option

          $20 non-resident fee does apply.

          **Inflatables are available, when choosing the Field House option only. Rental fees for those are an additional

           $105 for 2-hour party, $145, 3-hour party.


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Frequently Asked Questions

·The cost is $200 for a two-hour block or $300 for a three-hour block.  There is a $20 non-resident fee that does apply.

·You would receive a party room and your choice of using one of the following:  play-scape, one half of the field house, a dance studio.

·The only day of the week that you can assure that your guests would be the only ones in the playscape (if the playscape is your choice) is to book your party on a Sunday. All other rented areas are exclusive to your guests.

·There is a capacity in the party room of being able to accommodate up to 48 guests comfortably.

·Decorations, food and refreshments are brought in by the family that is having the party.

·Families are renting the space and plan the activities that their guests are involved in.  There is not a staff person planning or leading guests through activities.

·Food and beverages are only allowed in the designated party room only.

·The supervision of guests while attending the party is the responsibility of the family that is hosting the party in all areas of the facility, at all times.

·Payment in full is expected at the time that your party is booked.

·Being able to book a party is based on availability of the facility at your requested time, as well as, availability of securing a RARA staff member who will be able to assist you throughout your party.  It is important to note that the RARA staff person is not solely responsible for party set-up and clean up.  Renters are responsible to leave the areas in clean condition and you will be billed for any excessive clean-up or damage that is caused by your party rental.

To check on availability and for any further information, please contact:                                                                                        

Lyndsey Ramsay, Recreation Supervisor

248-601-4041 or





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