Letters From Santa

Send a letter to Santa Claus by Friday, December 1st and receive a letter back from Santa by Friday, December 21st. A Special North Pole Mail Box will be in out lobby starting on Friday, November 2nd. Just drop it off in the box (make sure it has a return address) and you will receive a letter from Santa and a photo back to you by the 21st.

Location: RARA Recreation Complex. 500 E. 2nd Street in the Lobby
Fee:$1 This helps us get that letter to Santa and get it back again. This also gives us a list so we make sure Santa gets all the letters correct.

Date: Starting from November 2nd through December 4th

Click Here to register and for more information

Magic Bag of Tricks

Thank you for participating.  We shall see you in 2019 again!

RARA Sponsors

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